The Lantern Parade is a yearly celebration and competition where UP students parade around the acad oval with the lantern that represents their respective colleges. It starts in front of Quezon Hall and ends at the amphitheatre (also of Quezon Hall) where it is then judged. From what I’ve been hearing, College of Fine Arts isn’t part of the competition anymore since they always produce the best and winning lantern, but they still make a lantern (of course a beautiful one) for the sake of the parade.

This year, our org, UP ACTS, made the white & gold-themed costume for the muses of our college, College of Home Economics, and the Budget CUTtoure muses. The work was divided per batch: the first and second years each made a costume for the CHE muse and 2 BC pieces (though the second year batch had to make the BC dress), and the third-fourth years made 3 dresses for the CHE muses. We were asked to use recycled materials for this year’s costumes since our lantern was also made from that.

Here are some of the pictures during the parade:

My blockmates, Boo and Bea, working on the skirt (photo credit: Mai Manoloto)

Blockmates working on the top (photo credit: Mai Manoloto)

That's me, before the make-up was put on and before the parade

Since it was a Gold & White theme, we sprayed/prettified the garbage bags with gold spray paint (photo credit: Mai Manoloto)

Here's a post-make-up, pre-parade photo; pre-nuptial photoshoot ang peg hahaha! There's something wrong with that photo, I won't mention what it is, but if you do see it, just laugh along with me. (No, it's not my underarm.) (photo credit: Kim Quiñola)

The Budget CUTtoure muses; yes, that's Alma Conception in the center--she's an Interior Design student (photo credit: Kiim Quiñola)

All smiles during the parade! (photo credit: Kim Quiñola)

My photographer friend saw me walking around and stopped me to take this photo. SO KILEGZ AT HOW PRETTY IT TURNED OUT!!! (photo credit: Justin Baniqued)

That's Claire and I with our light sticks (since we don't have any piece of clothing that glows huhu) and the CHE angels being extra fierce (spot the glowing wings!) (photo credit: UP System Information Office)

This year's winning lantern ♥ GO CHE! (photo credit: Kim Quiñola)

This is how I spent my first day of my Christmas break: walked around the 2.2 km acad oval in high heels with 9 beautiful ladies who were walking in pain as much I was, but it was all for the love of CHE ♥ HIHI (I’m such a pa-cute forevs.)

Thank you again to Mai, Kim, Justin Baniqued and UP System Information Office for the photos :)


I’m a big sucker for get-togethers, especially if it’s with really important people like my high school barkada. Last December 19, we had a potluck dinner party at Mica’s place. We’ve been doing it for two years now, trying to make it a tradition `til we’re old and gray. It was really fun because a lot of the MIA Bros showed up and WITH FOOD!!! It was such a great night with great food and a great company.

This night got me in so much trouble since I got home at 4AM. The main reason why the parentals were mad was because I told them I’ll be home 12MN, and I didn’t text them that I’ll be home later than that. LESSON LEARNED. I think that means I can stay as late as I want as long as I text them my plans……? HAHAHA JUST KIDDING!

Since we’re all in college, it’s actually hard to find time to sit us all together in one place, so the party planners, Kat and Leah, made us save the 19th for the dinner. When the plan for the dinner was finalized, it was already near the date so weren’t able to plan a Kris Kringle. Instead, we played Monopoly Deal, imbento drinking games and the most dreaded King’s Cup to make the night extra fun.

It was funny how the long table was divided into two drinking games. I was playing King’s Cup (the nearer side) with the Bros + Kat & Mica, while the other side was playing Bobo Lasing (loosely translated as Stupid Drunk). I seriously dread King’s Cup; it’s a game that will seriously get you drunk since you’re relying your “chance” in the deck of cards. Bobo Laisng naman is a thinking game, and I think it’s a better game if you want to stay sober. Hahahaha

That’s me with my other-half, Kat. She usually takes care of me when I’m drunk, but I got to (kind of) take care of her that night. She claims that she wasn’t drunk that night, just “hit” by the alcohol. Uhh, yeah right. Hahaha love you! We were kinda sad at how most of the Bros are all grown-up bringing a plus one and how none of the girls have a plus one to bring :( But it’s ayyyyt, we will have our moment; pera muna aatupagin. HAHAHA CHOS.

It was actually my first time to stay and be one the last ones to leave. We were seriously just talking about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING `TIL EARLY MORNING! It was seriously full of laughter! Usapang walang hangganan ♥

A very happy Holidays from my (growing) barkada :)

(Credits to Mica for some of the pictures. Thanks, love!)

Guess who had a not-so-sembreak sembreak? :( Aside from only having 14 days to take a “break” from school, I used up my break to unleashed the Chinese business and artsy-fartsy roots inside of me by launching my online clothing store, Flower Child. I did the painting and printing of the tops from its first collection, Here Comes the Sun. :D This is actually how I spent the first half of my break, and all I can say is hand-painting & hand-printing = S T R E S S F U L. I’m guessing that’s what you call labor of love. ♥

I’ll post some pictures of the tops, but for you to see the 15-piece collection, you’ll have to visit the website to find out. ;)

The designs look neat, don’t they? :) I purposely painted and printed each top differently so each design would be unique from the bunch. With that said, each design has only one piece. I personally hate bumping into someone who’s wearing the same shirt as I am—that’s just plain awkward—so if you buy a top, you’ll know for sure that you’re the only one in the entire universe who’s wearing that top. ;)

If you do find yourself fancying one of the tops, don’t be shy and go click the link to the website (or click here!), read the terms & conditions and FAQ, and completely fill-up an order form. ♥ Enjoy shopping! Oh and, don’t forget to like Flower Child on Facebook! :D

Flower Child is a clothing line inspired by peace and love, the two symbols advocated by the flower children during the Summer of Love in 1967. It is vintage inspired with a touch of modern. It is classic yet stylish; fashionable yet affordable.

Flower Child is the brainchild of Denise Chan, a Clothing Technology student from the University of the Philippines, who believes that fashion should not be a luxury, thus the clothing line that caters to young women who have the same philosophy. It aims to create unique, hip and trendy ready-to-wear pieces, yet will always be affordable without compromising style or quality.

This October 19, which also happens to be the day I turn 19, my Clothing Technology block will be hosting the fashion show for the UP Circle of Entrepreneurs’s event, Calle 4: Release the Intesity Within.

The fashion show will feature the black shirts that the org is selling, plus our works that will go with the shirt. Kind of like Budget CUTtoure, but with more twists. :D One of it being our final exam for CT 11. We actually had a choice between a magazine or a fashion show at the start of the semester for our class project/finals, and lucky enough, one of our blockmate is part of UP Circle of Entrepreneurs and suggested that we take part in The Black Shirt Project.

These are the shirts that the models will be wearing on the 19th. Since there are 21 of us in our block and each of us have one model each, the models are divided into 3 groups of 7: the Rule Breakers, the VIPs and the Rich Kids. My model (and good friend YIEEE), Roi, is part of the Rich Kids, so don’t forget to cheer hard when he walks down the runway (tip: he’ll be the last of his group) :>

Our block was actually in charge of the last 4 pubs. We held a shoot last Friday, and I was lucky enough to take most of the photos and do the make-up (well, more of contouring, except for Tina, the VIP model, whose make-up I did with Zoe) for the shoot. A huge thank you to my sexy borj, Zoe Sandejas, for lending us her awesome dSLR that night!!! :)

This will be such a haggard and stressful birthday for me, but it doesn’t really matter because I’m in love with what I’m doing kahit nasisiraan ako ng ulo—which I surely think is normal when you’re in love with something….or someone. ♥ (HAHAHA)

See you all in Katips Bar on Wednesday! ;)

Event page:
Facebook page:
Click the City article:

I hate it when my make-up breaks. Thank goodness I found a Youtube tutorial from Kandee Johnson on how to be able to restore the make-up. The tutorial was originally for eyeshadows, but I desperately needed to restore this blush because it has such a nice shade!

(I actually found the tutorial through Alyssa, whose blog I found out through my bestie blockmate, Pam. Go check their blogs out! ;) )

This is actually a photo dump of what I did.

Tada! So happy that I can use this pretty coral-shade blush again, and that I don’t have to spend on a new blush since my other one is about to run out (HAHAHA KURIPOT!).

Can’t wait to use this baby tomorrow (if and only if classes aren’t suspended, which I wish were hihihi)! ♥

If you haven’t heard, the government is planning to cut the budget for SUCs (State Universities and Colleges) down by P146.6-million from last year’s budget which is P23.7billion. The original proposed budget used to be P62 billion, and P23.6 billion is not enough for 110 SUCs in our country. (source: Philippine Collegian)

There was a 3-day strike last week here in UP against the budget cut. On the first day, my organization, UP ACTS, along with UP Kilos Na and the College of Home Economics rallied fashionably against the budget cut through a fashion show. Budget CUTtoure was all about the deconstruction of clothes; we had plain shirts printed with the anti-budget cut logo, and we cut-up the shirts.

Budget CUTtoure Poster

The anti-budget cut logo

I actually wanted to submit a shirt, but there was more than enough anyway, so I just helped with the make-up team on the day of the fashion show. It was actually my first time to do the make-up for the models in a fashion show, AND I WAS SO NERVOUS!!!! Mainly because it was my first time, and I’m kinda scared of the uperclass men. TT-TT Good thing my gorgeous borj, Zoe, was there to help me (she’s took classes and can be considered a legit make-up artist :> ). My bebe, Boo, was also there, but she really didn’t need much help from me and was independent in doing the make-up of the models (nohks naman! :> ).

I watched the fashion show in front of AS with my borjes Zoe, Pat and Cams, then we had dinner in Ersao after! MISSED A LOT OF BORJES THAT NIGHT, but oh well `twas fun still. :]

I cut-up 2 shirts for that night, actually. One for the model (supposedly) and the other one was for me. I deconstructed mine at the last minute (HEHEHE), but it turned out really well :)

With my other sexy borj, Pat

This is my favorite part of the shirt :3

How the back of my shirt looks like

[Photos with Pat are from Zoe. Thank you, borj :* ]

The (free) printing of shirts is still ongoing until October 5, so have your shirts printed and deconstructed, and join us as we rally for a higher budget for our University and all other state universities and colleges in our country!

I finally got my gray sling bag from Anti-Fashion Manila! When I got home from class yesterday, ate Evelyn, our boarding house housekeeper, handed me over the package. I was so happy because I just paid for it the day before, and I got it right away! Talk about quick and efficient.

The bag was wrapped in brown paper with a cut-out heart glued in the middle. You can see how Celine, the brand owner, puts a lot of care in people’s purchases! I’m so bv at myself, though, because I wasn’t able to take a photo of the cute packaging—I was in such a hurry to open it kasi (Yo, wassup low EQ of mine. HAHA)! :(

The heart that was on the packaging—so sweet!

There were two things that made the purchase a sweet one: the sling bag and a hand-written note from Celine. I really do love giving and receiving small hand-written notes, and this was such a sweet surprise! I will make sure to do this when I get to launch my ~future online store~ soon ;)

The hand-written note from Celine

I was even more kilig when I finally got my hands on the bag! ♥ I opened the bag to check how it looks inside, and I was surprised to find a zipper on the main pocket—an extra plus for me. I also love the fact that it has a pocket in front (when you open the flap), so there’s extra storage.

The sling bag ♥

To be honest, I was kind of reluctant to buy the bag at first since it was P499, but I still got it anyway. The shipping fee was free anyway, plus I needed (and wanted) a new sling bag! It’s all worth it now, though; it’s another good purchase.

I can’t wait to use this bag over the weekend! Thank you again so much, Celine! More power to you and your store ♥

To those who want to check out Anti-Fashion Manila, check it out here! :)

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