The Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

Honestly, I can’t really feel the Christmas spirit. I did a few weeks back, but when my lola passed last Monday, everything just became so different.

We’re celebrating Christmas in the funeral parlor. But despite that, we still kept some traditions we have when we celebrate Christmas here in Bacolod. My tita made Spaghetti, my mum is making macaroni salad which my lola used to make, the cook made Valenciana (it’s a sticky rice dish), and there’re big, juicy crabs!  Only difference is that we’re going to eat them here tonight. I’m still excited for the food, though. :9 I missed pigging out on nyom-nyom yummy homemade dishes. :D

Another thing I missed:

Photobucket Here he is sitting/chilling in front of lola’s coffin. He even went up to her coffin four times to catch a glimpse of lola.

Don’t mind my face!

That’s actually in my sister’s room in Manila.  He suddenly sat down on the Christmas wrapping paper. He reminded me of this cat:

Cute ‘no? Hahaha!

A happy Christmas to all of you! :)


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