Happy 2011!

A very happy 2011 to you! :)

My family usually spends the New Year’s eve in my uncle’s house in BF, but for 2 years already, we’ve been spending it here in Bacolod. It’s not really a biggie. Mas konti nga lang ang paputok. HAHA! But other than that, it’s still fun and filled with love from my family here. And because my 2 aunts from the States went home, there was more love this year. :D

My dad, aunt, cousin and I bought fireworks yesterday. It was so funny because my aunt kept on asking for discount, so the salesguy gave us 2 free Pop Pops! I was so happy even though it just costs P10. HAHAHA

Here’s one of the Pop Pops we got! :>

I made my dad buy lusis because I thought it would be more colorful than sparklers. Wrong move. They lasted for only about 10 seconds (pfft baduy), some of them popped (they’re supposed to die a quiet death), and THEY WEREN’T COLORFUL! :| We tried the camera’s slow shutter mode and experimented with the lusis to see if it will look ‘artistic’. It kinda did.

I’m not into the whole New Year’s resolution thing because I believe that if you want to change and be a better person, you’ve got 365 days to do that. I mean, the resolution can be an inspiration, but it takes more than a paper (or wherever you put your resolution) to make you change. Dapat may sariling gawa din. But for resolution’s sake, I will really be serious in blogging (yay!) and of course with my studies (blech!).Well it’s because I need to transfer in UPD, so I really do have to be serious with my studies. :S

A happy 2O11 from Chowder and me! :)


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