Oooh K-pop!

Disclaimer: This post is full of videos (which I hope you watch), so better have a speedy net connection! :)

I think it was a year ago when their music became popular in the Philippines. My sister linked me to the video of Fire by 2EN1 because Sandara was there. I was laughing the whole time because I couldn’t believe that she became famous in South Korea!!!! Ang cute pa nga ni Sandara sa start eh, naka feather boa. HIHI!

I clicked one of the videos in the suggestions frame, which still had 2EN1 in it. They were endorsing a new phone for LG, a Korean brand (no duh). I actually liked Lollipop because IT WAS SO FREAKING CUUUUTE! The intro got me so gigil with 2EN1!!

See?? Ang cute diba????

I linked them to Trish, my AP7 classmate, because we wanted to remake Lollipop. (I think I got her addicted to K-pop… Hihihi!) Yes the idea was crazy, but we wanted to bond our class. HAHA! We never got to shoot the video…actually, we never brought the idea up. HAHAHAHA

I was indifferent towards the K-pop mania. I mean, I found it (girl groups) cute, but I didn’t understand a word they were saying—I never thought I would be a fan.

Well, I’m not a fan fan of it naman, I just learned to appreciate it—even if I can’t understand a single word they’re saying. HAHA! My dormmate, Mitzi, is the one who’s a big fan of Korean pop-culture from music to movies. Whenever she and my roommate, Ellie, are watching music videos and Exploration of the Human Body (it’s like Myth Busters but regarding the human body) in Ellie’s laptop, I would join in just to see what the fuss is about. EHB is really funny especially since the guys of Super Junior, the guy group who guest stars in that show, make fun of each other while trying to break the myths.

I only know one song from Super Junior. Apparently it’s the song that got them popular. The only words I understand from the song is “sorry, sorry”, “shawty, shawty” and “saranghae”; nevertheless, it’s catchy and I get the steps of the dance. Hihi!

Spot my crushes in this guy group. First one is Siwon, the one in the middle at 0:34-0:36. He’s also the first one to have a solo (0:50). The other one’s Kangin (oo, parang kanin, but it’s pronounced daw as Kang-in), the one in the left at 0:41. I started to have a crush on him after watching EHB because he’s such a funny guy! :”> It’s sad that he enlisted for the army, though.

Hello, Siwon.

I like the girl group Girl’s Generation (or S.N.S.D.) because they’re sooooo cute! Mitzi was watching Oh! in Ellie’s computer and I was fascinated with them! They all have long legs which they’re kind of known for, and they’re just really cute. Hahaha! Mitzi said that they were trained for almost 10 years, which I think is really crazy, but you never know.

Sooyoung is my girl crush here in Girl’s Generation (she’s the one wearing the shirt with the number 24). Hee! :”> She’s actually 4 days older than my sister. (Yes, I use Wikipedia to stalk/learn more (HAHA) about stars. ;) )

Cute niya `no? :”>

Genie’s video made me SO jealous of their legs. Kainggit lang talaga. The starting of the video might seem to be a déjà vu, and it’s because they remade Sorry, Sorry (Super Junior’s song) with the matching dance. In fairness to them, they did a nice version of it.

So please tell me, aren’t you jealous of their loooooooong, makinis legs??? Ang cute din ng sailor outfit nila! ♥ This isn’t the official video of Genie, ah! I just like this video with the Sorry, Sorry at the start. :D

Gee, for me, is the song that is most like to get stuck to your head. It’s one of those songs that you wouldn’t want stuck to your head during a test because, well, it’s distracting. Baka masulat mo “Gee gee gee gee baby baby” sa test mo. HAHAHA! But the song’s still really cute!

If I’m not mistaken, the song’s about them being “pabo” (foolish or stupid) when they first fell in love. :> (I’m not an interpreter, ah!! The videos that Mitzi has have subtitles kasi! HAHAHA)

I think this is my girl crush’s favorite pose…

Girl’s Generation and Super Junior created a joint single (they have the same producer) called S.E.O.U.L. (or Seoul Song) which I think is used for tourism purposes. I wish our DOT would start publicizing “Biyahe Tayo” again to be able to promote our country as a beautiful country. Nainggit ako agad sa gawa nila. Kaya ito, mainggit din kayo! >:)

Fun fact: the girls from Girl’s Generation (and I guess every other girl group in SM Entertainment?) can get plastic surgery anytime they want. It’s all for free since their company is the one paying for their surgery. That’s why sometimes, these girls [like Jessica (she’s the one wearing the number 22 in Oh!) hihi] don’t look like themselves in their other videos. The one they love to have done is their eye fold. For them, you’re not “pretty” if you don’t have a visible fold in your eyes. :O Next that they have done are their noses.

So okay fine, I only like/am only familiar with 3 groups. I’m not brave enough to explore other bands in the Suggestions frame! HAHA! I’ll play it safe first with these 3 bands. I’m enjoying their songs, anyway, even if I can’t understand it. HAHAHAHAHA! I’m guessing it’s time to learn a new language? :D


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