Hello, I Miss You Quite Terribly

Yesterday was the day Keith and I made it together for 8 months of long distance, and today is Keith’s 18th birthday! :)

No one really ever expected me and Keith to end up together. And when we were actually together, they never thought we’d make it past 2 months. Actually, even I didn’t expect it; so did he. But anyway!!!! 8-month-long story short, we’re still together inspite of the 300+ miles. :)

Keith, thank you for being the most patient guy on Earth next to my dad. I don’t think any other guy can juggle the whole patience with my PMS (permanent menstrual syndrome) and patience with the whole distance just like they way you do. I mean, it’s already such a big thing that you’re already patient with my PMS tapos may distance ka pang inaalala? That’s really such a big deal with me, so thank you. :) And I really find it funny that dad always tells/texts you, “Thank you for taking care of Den,” because it’s like you’re my yaya. HAHAHAHA! But nevertheless, thank you for taking care of me. :)

I love you! 


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