My New Love for Pantyhose

I never thought of wearing stockings/pantyhose ever in my life. Parang may awkward feel kasi siya sa legs, but nonetheless, I (sneakily) placed a pair in the basket when my family and I went shopping a few weeks ago.

The only outfit I could imagine myself that would work with pantyhose was with dark-wash denim shorts; I didn’t think about wearing pantyhose with a dainty outfit. Anyway, I tried wearing it with, like I imagined, dark-wash denim shorts and my vintage-looking Transformers shirt, but there was just this weird feel about it, or in other words, hindi ko siya ma-carry!

A week later, I laid down on my bed this floral skirt I borrowed from my sister that I was supposed to wear for our CT 11’s White Day, and the new gray shirt I bought from Greenhills the weekend before. I liked how it looked so I decided to wear it last Friday since I was going to go out that night to watch UP PMHS’s block screening of Transformers 3. I just knew that the pantyhose would work well with the outfit, and so I did wear it with the shirt and skirt. I was pretty happy with the look I put together, but the whole me carrying the whole shirt-skirt-pantyhose part was a little hard for me, so I went with my usual approach: “When in doubt, just fxck it.”

Gray cat shirt from Greenhills; floral skirt borrowed from my sister; pantyhose from SM Dept. Store; pink ballet flats from Janilyn

Well, I was able to carry the look with my “fxck it” outlook (thank you, Skins, for teaching me that way of life. ♥) until it had the most horrible run I’ve seen in my whole entire life. :( On the bright side, I now know how I can rock pantyhose (and even tights!). ;)

Oh, and lesson learned: stick the stockings/pantyhose in the fridge before using them to reduce the chances of ugly runs like the one I had—something my grandmum used to do with her stockings. I’ll make sure to this next time, maybe you should too. :D

  1. I love pantyhose/stockings/tights! I have different colors and I wear em a lot with short dresses/shorts/skirts to school ’cause it’s so hard to work with SDA’s stupid dress code shit. :/

    • Oh em! I want to own a lot also!!! I love Kate Torralba’s line for tights and leggings! Her printed tights are sooo adorable, and the price is not masakit sa wallet unlike Topshop’s hehehe

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