X Na Yan + A Little Insight

I deleted my Singapore post since it’s kinda TLDR. I usually look back at my (not so many) previous posts and I almost always skip that one. ANG HABA EH :(

Had so many happenings that already happened, and I don’t understand why I haven’t been blogging. This is why I’m so angry at myself! Pagawa-gawa ng blog, di naman name-meynteyn (as superstarmarian says). This will all change soon! Got super inspired from the awesome ACLE (Alternative Classroom Learning Experience) my awesome org organized called “Fashion Edge-ucation” which had Kryz Uy, Camille Co, Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes as speakers.

Fashion Edge-ucation Poster

It was so inspiring and insightful since I’ve been blogging since grade 7, I think? Siyempre, ka-jologan ng buhay mga pinopost ko nun, but I kept on posting anyway. I’ve been moving from blog to blog like a vagabond, and here I am, trying so hard to maintain this one. From now on though, this will all change. Expect a better blogging experince–less TLDRs, more fun! I actually think TLDR posts are….madrama. Nahihiya ako whenever I think about all my looooooooong posts here and in my old blogs. THIS IS A BLOG, NOT A NOVEL! (I think that should be my blog motto… HAHAHA)

I’ll post more of what happened in the ACLE once Pam posts pictures! :) Para interesting, diba?

(Side note: wow I was inspired to blog after a month or two. HAHAHA)


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