Criminal Sketch

For our CT 14: Fashion Illustration class a few weeks ago, we learned how to draw faces. Since we didn’t have class during the UPCAT weekend, our teacher, ma’am Ash, gave us homework in drawing the front, side and 3/4 view of a male, a female and a toddler face. Don’t expect too much from my faces. I will say it now that I suck at drawing faces!

Want proof? Here’s part of my homework:

Berto, Karding and half of Jun-jun

I posted that on Facebook, and my sister named them that. My parents teased me all weekend about the faces I sketched, like how I can work for PNP instead! HAHAHAHA! (Yes, my family is crazy, which I take after hihi)

One particular joke went like this:
ME: Dad! Look at the toddler. Mukhang criminal din!
DAD: Well, not so. Baka delinquent lang :)

I didn’t get offended with all the jokes since I made some of the jokes myself. I found most of them funny! Like my friend, Diego, told me that if I worked for PNP, the people I sketch will look more criminal than they should be. When I finished the plate, my sister said that the child looked like a tiyanak. Yes, I didn’t find them offensive! HAHA! But can I just say that before you make a conclusion that I can’t draw at all, I did improve….somehow.

Midterm Male Figure: gwapo ba? HAHA

Midterm Female Figure: she kind of looks like Alex Gonzaga, don't you think?

Midterm Kid Figure: doesn't she look cute? :)

Oo, medyo banlag sila, but at least they look hella better than Berto, Karding and Jun-jun! HAHAHAHA! The saying “practice makes perfect” now makes sense to me. Now, I can’t wait to improve on my drawing skills in the coming CT 14 meetings! ♥


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