Good Buy!

I’ve been wanting plain red ballet flats for a while now. When I was in the mall about a month ago, I saw a red version of the blue flats my sister and I had from Kamiseta. I got excited when we went to the mall after hearing mass last Sunday because I could ask my mum to buy it for me, and thankfully she did after some convincing. :D

Red ballet flats from Kamiseta

My sister and I were able to testify to our mum about its comfort and its lifespan since we have the exact same pair in another color (we share shoes since we have the same size). Trust me when I say that these flats are VERY comfortable. I wore the blue flats when we went to Jurong Bird Park in Singapore, and my feet didn’t complain much that it has been walking the whole day. HAHA! (Although it was my legs who complained :/ )

You know the best part of these flats? They’re only P799. Such a good deal! They say that to be able to know how much of an investment shoes are, you divide the price by how many time you can see yourself wearing it. If you ask me, I can seriously wear them everyday if I could (no joke). They match almost every piece of my outfit, and it’s not a drag wearing them. Plus, I can wear them whenever it rains! Isn’t that such a great buy?

If you’re looking for cute, sturdy and comfy flats, you might want to get a pair from Kamiseta. It’s really worth it, if you ask me! :)

Now, I’m craving for some T-strapped Mary Jane flats :3

  1. I didn’t know that shoes from Kamiseta are affordable. LOL. I am such a loser.

    • There are other shoes that reach P1000+, so I was also surprised when I saw that the pair I got was only P799 :)

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