Full of Sweeteness

I finally got my gray sling bag from Anti-Fashion Manila! When I got home from class yesterday, ate Evelyn, our boarding house housekeeper, handed me over the package. I was so happy because I just paid for it the day before, and I got it right away! Talk about quick and efficient.

The bag was wrapped in brown paper with a cut-out heart glued in the middle. You can see how Celine, the brand owner, puts a lot of care in people’s purchases! I’m so bv at myself, though, because I wasn’t able to take a photo of the cute packaging—I was in such a hurry to open it kasi (Yo, wassup low EQ of mine. HAHA)! :(

The heart that was on the packaging—so sweet!

There were two things that made the purchase a sweet one: the sling bag and a hand-written note from Celine. I really do love giving and receiving small hand-written notes, and this was such a sweet surprise! I will make sure to do this when I get to launch my ~future online store~ soon ;)

The hand-written note from Celine

I was even more kilig when I finally got my hands on the bag! ♥ I opened the bag to check how it looks inside, and I was surprised to find a zipper on the main pocket—an extra plus for me. I also love the fact that it has a pocket in front (when you open the flap), so there’s extra storage.

The sling bag ♥

To be honest, I was kind of reluctant to buy the bag at first since it was P499, but I still got it anyway. The shipping fee was free anyway, plus I needed (and wanted) a new sling bag! It’s all worth it now, though; it’s another good purchase.

I can’t wait to use this bag over the weekend! Thank you again so much, Celine! More power to you and your store ♥

To those who want to check out Anti-Fashion Manila, check it out here! :)


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