Denise Opposes Budget Cut

If you haven’t heard, the government is planning to cut the budget for SUCs (State Universities and Colleges) down by P146.6-million from last year’s budget which is P23.7billion. The original proposed budget used to be P62 billion, and P23.6 billion is not enough for 110 SUCs in our country. (source: Philippine Collegian)

There was a 3-day strike last week here in UP against the budget cut. On the first day, my organization, UP ACTS, along with UP Kilos Na and the College of Home Economics rallied fashionably against the budget cut through a fashion show. Budget CUTtoure was all about the deconstruction of clothes; we had plain shirts printed with the anti-budget cut logo, and we cut-up the shirts.

Budget CUTtoure Poster

The anti-budget cut logo

I actually wanted to submit a shirt, but there was more than enough anyway, so I just helped with the make-up team on the day of the fashion show. It was actually my first time to do the make-up for the models in a fashion show, AND I WAS SO NERVOUS!!!! Mainly because it was my first time, and I’m kinda scared of the uperclass men. TT-TT Good thing my gorgeous borj, Zoe, was there to help me (she’s took classes and can be considered a legit make-up artist :> ). My bebe, Boo, was also there, but she really didn’t need much help from me and was independent in doing the make-up of the models (nohks naman! :> ).

I watched the fashion show in front of AS with my borjes Zoe, Pat and Cams, then we had dinner in Ersao after! MISSED A LOT OF BORJES THAT NIGHT, but oh well `twas fun still. :]

I cut-up 2 shirts for that night, actually. One for the model (supposedly) and the other one was for me. I deconstructed mine at the last minute (HEHEHE), but it turned out really well :)

With my other sexy borj, Pat

This is my favorite part of the shirt :3

How the back of my shirt looks like

[Photos with Pat are from Zoe. Thank you, borj :* ]

The (free) printing of shirts is still ongoing until October 5, so have your shirts printed and deconstructed, and join us as we rally for a higher budget for our University and all other state universities and colleges in our country!

  1. Don’t worry, Denise. These ones are just right, being spontaneous, more raw, and therefore seemingly more authentic. :)

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