Save the Blush!

I hate it when my make-up breaks. Thank goodness I found a Youtube tutorial from Kandee Johnson on how to be able to restore the make-up. The tutorial was originally for eyeshadows, but I desperately needed to restore this blush because it has such a nice shade!

(I actually found the tutorial through Alyssa, whose blog I found out through my bestie blockmate, Pam. Go check their blogs out! ;) )

This is actually a photo dump of what I did.

Tada! So happy that I can use this pretty coral-shade blush again, and that I don’t have to spend on a new blush since my other one is about to run out (HAHAHA KURIPOT!).

Can’t wait to use this baby tomorrow (if and only if classes aren’t suspended, which I wish were hihihi)! ♥


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