The Black Shirt Project

This October 19, which also happens to be the day I turn 19, my Clothing Technology block will be hosting the fashion show for the UP Circle of Entrepreneurs’s event, Calle 4: Release the Intesity Within.

The fashion show will feature the black shirts that the org is selling, plus our works that will go with the shirt. Kind of like Budget CUTtoure, but with more twists. :D One of it being our final exam for CT 11. We actually had a choice between a magazine or a fashion show at the start of the semester for our class project/finals, and lucky enough, one of our blockmate is part of UP Circle of Entrepreneurs and suggested that we take part in The Black Shirt Project.

These are the shirts that the models will be wearing on the 19th. Since there are 21 of us in our block and each of us have one model each, the models are divided into 3 groups of 7: the Rule Breakers, the VIPs and the Rich Kids. My model (and good friend YIEEE), Roi, is part of the Rich Kids, so don’t forget to cheer hard when he walks down the runway (tip: he’ll be the last of his group) :>

Our block was actually in charge of the last 4 pubs. We held a shoot last Friday, and I was lucky enough to take most of the photos and do the make-up (well, more of contouring, except for Tina, the VIP model, whose make-up I did with Zoe) for the shoot. A huge thank you to my sexy borj, Zoe Sandejas, for lending us her awesome dSLR that night!!! :)

This will be such a haggard and stressful birthday for me, but it doesn’t really matter because I’m in love with what I’m doing kahit nasisiraan ako ng ulo—which I surely think is normal when you’re in love with something….or someone. ♥ (HAHAHA)

See you all in Katips Bar on Wednesday! ;)

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