Busy Bee

Guess who had a not-so-sembreak sembreak? :( Aside from only having 14 days to take a “break” from school, I used up my break to unleashed the Chinese business and artsy-fartsy roots inside of me by launching my online clothing store, Flower Child. I did the painting and printing of the tops from its first collection, Here Comes the Sun. :D This is actually how I spent the first half of my break, and all I can say is hand-painting & hand-printing = S T R E S S F U L. I’m guessing that’s what you call labor of love. ♥

I’ll post some pictures of the tops, but for you to see the 15-piece collection, you’ll have to visit the website to find out. ;)

The designs look neat, don’t they? :) I purposely painted and printed each top differently so each design would be unique from the bunch. With that said, each design has only one piece. I personally hate bumping into someone who’s wearing the same shirt as I am—that’s just plain awkward—so if you buy a top, you’ll know for sure that you’re the only one in the entire universe who’s wearing that top. ;)

If you do find yourself fancying one of the tops, don’t be shy and go click the link to the website (or click here!), read the terms & conditions and FAQ, and completely fill-up an order form. ♥ Enjoy shopping! Oh and, don’t forget to like Flower Child on Facebook! :D

Flower Child is a clothing line inspired by peace and love, the two symbols advocated by the flower children during the Summer of Love in 1967. It is vintage inspired with a touch of modern. It is classic yet stylish; fashionable yet affordable.

Flower Child is the brainchild of Denise Chan, a Clothing Technology student from the University of the Philippines, who believes that fashion should not be a luxury, thus the clothing line that caters to young women who have the same philosophy. It aims to create unique, hip and trendy ready-to-wear pieces, yet will always be affordable without compromising style or quality.


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