Bros & Hos Christmas Dindin

I’m a big sucker for get-togethers, especially if it’s with really important people like my high school barkada. Last December 19, we had a potluck dinner party at Mica’s place. We’ve been doing it for two years now, trying to make it a tradition `til we’re old and gray. It was really fun because a lot of the MIA Bros showed up and WITH FOOD!!! It was such a great night with great food and a great company.

This night got me in so much trouble since I got home at 4AM. The main reason why the parentals were mad was because I told them I’ll be home 12MN, and I didn’t text them that I’ll be home later than that. LESSON LEARNED. I think that means I can stay as late as I want as long as I text them my plans……? HAHAHA JUST KIDDING!

Since we’re all in college, it’s actually hard to find time to sit us all together in one place, so the party planners, Kat and Leah, made us save the 19th for the dinner. When the plan for the dinner was finalized, it was already near the date so weren’t able to plan a Kris Kringle. Instead, we played Monopoly Deal, imbento drinking games and the most dreaded King’s Cup to make the night extra fun.

It was funny how the long table was divided into two drinking games. I was playing King’s Cup (the nearer side) with the Bros + Kat & Mica, while the other side was playing Bobo Lasing (loosely translated as Stupid Drunk). I seriously dread King’s Cup; it’s a game that will seriously get you drunk since you’re relying your “chance” in the deck of cards. Bobo Laisng naman is a thinking game, and I think it’s a better game if you want to stay sober. Hahahaha

That’s me with my other-half, Kat. She usually takes care of me when I’m drunk, but I got to (kind of) take care of her that night. She claims that she wasn’t drunk that night, just “hit” by the alcohol. Uhh, yeah right. Hahaha love you! We were kinda sad at how most of the Bros are all grown-up bringing a plus one and how none of the girls have a plus one to bring :( But it’s ayyyyt, we will have our moment; pera muna aatupagin. HAHAHA CHOS.

It was actually my first time to stay and be one the last ones to leave. We were seriously just talking about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING `TIL EARLY MORNING! It was seriously full of laughter! Usapang walang hangganan ♥

A very happy Holidays from my (growing) barkada :)

(Credits to Mica for some of the pictures. Thanks, love!)


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