Lantern Parade (photo dump!)

The Lantern Parade is a yearly celebration and competition where UP students parade around the acad oval with the lantern that represents their respective colleges. It starts in front of Quezon Hall and ends at the amphitheatre (also of Quezon Hall) where it is then judged. From what I’ve been hearing, College of Fine Arts isn’t part of the competition anymore since they always produce the best and winning lantern, but they still make a lantern (of course a beautiful one) for the sake of the parade.

This year, our org, UP ACTS, made the white & gold-themed costume for the muses of our college, College of Home Economics, and the Budget CUTtoure muses. The work was divided per batch: the first and second years each made a costume for the CHE muse and 2 BC pieces (though the second year batch had to make the BC dress), and the third-fourth years made 3 dresses for the CHE muses. We were asked to use recycled materials for this year’s costumes since our lantern was also made from that.

Here are some of the pictures during the parade:

My blockmates, Boo and Bea, working on the skirt (photo credit: Mai Manoloto)

Blockmates working on the top (photo credit: Mai Manoloto)

That's me, before the make-up was put on and before the parade

Since it was a Gold & White theme, we sprayed/prettified the garbage bags with gold spray paint (photo credit: Mai Manoloto)

Here's a post-make-up, pre-parade photo; pre-nuptial photoshoot ang peg hahaha! There's something wrong with that photo, I won't mention what it is, but if you do see it, just laugh along with me. (No, it's not my underarm.) (photo credit: Kim Quiñola)

The Budget CUTtoure muses; yes, that's Alma Conception in the center--she's an Interior Design student (photo credit: Kiim Quiñola)

All smiles during the parade! (photo credit: Kim Quiñola)

My photographer friend saw me walking around and stopped me to take this photo. SO KILEGZ AT HOW PRETTY IT TURNED OUT!!! (photo credit: Justin Baniqued)

That's Claire and I with our light sticks (since we don't have any piece of clothing that glows huhu) and the CHE angels being extra fierce (spot the glowing wings!) (photo credit: UP System Information Office)

This year's winning lantern ♥ GO CHE! (photo credit: Kim Quiñola)

This is how I spent my first day of my Christmas break: walked around the 2.2 km acad oval in high heels with 9 beautiful ladies who were walking in pain as much I was, but it was all for the love of CHE ♥ HIHI (I’m such a pa-cute forevs.)

Thank you again to Mai, Kim, Justin Baniqued and UP System Information Office for the photos :)


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