I hate it when my make-up breaks. Thank goodness I found a Youtube tutorial from Kandee Johnson on how to be able to restore the make-up. The tutorial was originally for eyeshadows, but I desperately needed to restore this blush because it has such a nice shade!

(I actually found the tutorial through Alyssa, whose blog I found out through my bestie blockmate, Pam. Go check their blogs out! ;) )

This is actually a photo dump of what I did.

Tada! So happy that I can use this pretty coral-shade blush again, and that I don’t have to spend on a new blush since my other one is about to run out (HAHAHA KURIPOT!).

Can’t wait to use this baby tomorrow (if and only if classes aren’t suspended, which I wish were hihihi)! ♥


High-waist jean shorts seem to be trending right now. Luckily, I had this pair of jeans that was given to me a few years back that I never used. I tried it on, and it still fit me and it was high enough, but the color just wasn’t the color I wanted because I wanted the acid, vintage-look.

Cutting the jeans = hardwork

How it looks when it's unfolded, and how it looked before bleaching it

After cutting the jeans, I soaked it in bleach (mixed with water ah!). I didn’t know for how long I would be soaking it, so I kept on going back after 10 minutes, but it was still dark blue. :| I told my mum to just ask manang Endeng, our labandera, to be the one to remove it from the bleach.

I loved how it looked like when I got home 2 Fridays ago. The vintage look was legit! I had to wear it ASAP! The only kind of top I could think of that would work with the high-waist shorts were button-down polos. Thank goodness my CT 11 class had a white day, and I could wear my white button-down with it :)

White button down from Bugis Junction, Singapore; my DIY shorts; belt from Forever 21; sandals from Ichigo

This was my second attempt on doing DIY (my first one was me cutting up the neckline of my PE 1 class’ shirt to make it an off-shoulder top), and in fairness ah, I love how it looks! :) Will do more of this DIY soon. I have so much tops I’d like to cut up, anyway! :D

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