I’ve been wanting plain red ballet flats for a while now. When I was in the mall about a month ago, I saw a red version of the blue flats my sister and I had from Kamiseta. I got excited when we went to the mall after hearing mass last Sunday because I could ask my mum to buy it for me, and thankfully she did after some convincing. :D

Red ballet flats from Kamiseta

My sister and I were able to testify to our mum about its comfort and its lifespan since we have the exact same pair in another color (we share shoes since we have the same size). Trust me when I say that these flats are VERY comfortable. I wore the blue flats when we went to Jurong Bird Park in Singapore, and my feet didn’t complain much that it has been walking the whole day. HAHA! (Although it was my legs who complained :/ )

You know the best part of these flats? They’re only P799. Such a good deal! They say that to be able to know how much of an investment shoes are, you divide the price by how many time you can see yourself wearing it. If you ask me, I can seriously wear them everyday if I could (no joke). They match almost every piece of my outfit, and it’s not a drag wearing them. Plus, I can wear them whenever it rains! Isn’t that such a great buy?

If you’re looking for cute, sturdy and comfy flats, you might want to get a pair from Kamiseta. It’s really worth it, if you ask me! :)

Now, I’m craving for some T-strapped Mary Jane flats :3


For our CT 14: Fashion Illustration class a few weeks ago, we learned how to draw faces. Since we didn’t have class during the UPCAT weekend, our teacher, ma’am Ash, gave us homework in drawing the front, side and 3/4 view of a male, a female and a toddler face. Don’t expect too much from my faces. I will say it now that I suck at drawing faces!

Want proof? Here’s part of my homework:

Berto, Karding and half of Jun-jun

I posted that on Facebook, and my sister named them that. My parents teased me all weekend about the faces I sketched, like how I can work for PNP instead! HAHAHAHA! (Yes, my family is crazy, which I take after hihi)

One particular joke went like this:
ME: Dad! Look at the toddler. Mukhang criminal din!
DAD: Well, not so. Baka delinquent lang :)

I didn’t get offended with all the jokes since I made some of the jokes myself. I found most of them funny! Like my friend, Diego, told me that if I worked for PNP, the people I sketch will look more criminal than they should be. When I finished the plate, my sister said that the child looked like a tiyanak. Yes, I didn’t find them offensive! HAHA! But can I just say that before you make a conclusion that I can’t draw at all, I did improve….somehow.

Midterm Male Figure: gwapo ba? HAHA

Midterm Female Figure: she kind of looks like Alex Gonzaga, don't you think?

Midterm Kid Figure: doesn't she look cute? :)

Oo, medyo banlag sila, but at least they look hella better than Berto, Karding and Jun-jun! HAHAHAHA! The saying “practice makes perfect” now makes sense to me. Now, I can’t wait to improve on my drawing skills in the coming CT 14 meetings! ♥

I deleted my Singapore post since it’s kinda TLDR. I usually look back at my (not so many) previous posts and I almost always skip that one. ANG HABA EH :(

Had so many happenings that already happened, and I don’t understand why I haven’t been blogging. This is why I’m so angry at myself! Pagawa-gawa ng blog, di naman name-meynteyn (as superstarmarian says). This will all change soon! Got super inspired from the awesome ACLE (Alternative Classroom Learning Experience) my awesome org organized called “Fashion Edge-ucation” which had Kryz Uy, Camille Co, Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes as speakers.

Fashion Edge-ucation Poster

It was so inspiring and insightful since I’ve been blogging since grade 7, I think? Siyempre, ka-jologan ng buhay mga pinopost ko nun, but I kept on posting anyway. I’ve been moving from blog to blog like a vagabond, and here I am, trying so hard to maintain this one. From now on though, this will all change. Expect a better blogging experince–less TLDRs, more fun! I actually think TLDR posts are….madrama. Nahihiya ako whenever I think about all my looooooooong posts here and in my old blogs. THIS IS A BLOG, NOT A NOVEL! (I think that should be my blog motto… HAHAHA)

I’ll post more of what happened in the ACLE once Pam posts pictures! :) Para interesting, diba?

(Side note: wow I was inspired to blog after a month or two. HAHAHA)

I never thought of wearing stockings/pantyhose ever in my life. Parang may awkward feel kasi siya sa legs, but nonetheless, I (sneakily) placed a pair in the basket when my family and I went shopping a few weeks ago.

The only outfit I could imagine myself that would work with pantyhose was with dark-wash denim shorts; I didn’t think about wearing pantyhose with a dainty outfit. Anyway, I tried wearing it with, like I imagined, dark-wash denim shorts and my vintage-looking Transformers shirt, but there was just this weird feel about it, or in other words, hindi ko siya ma-carry!

A week later, I laid down on my bed this floral skirt I borrowed from my sister that I was supposed to wear for our CT 11’s White Day, and the new gray shirt I bought from Greenhills the weekend before. I liked how it looked so I decided to wear it last Friday since I was going to go out that night to watch UP PMHS’s block screening of Transformers 3. I just knew that the pantyhose would work well with the outfit, and so I did wear it with the shirt and skirt. I was pretty happy with the look I put together, but the whole me carrying the whole shirt-skirt-pantyhose part was a little hard for me, so I went with my usual approach: “When in doubt, just fxck it.”

Gray cat shirt from Greenhills; floral skirt borrowed from my sister; pantyhose from SM Dept. Store; pink ballet flats from Janilyn

Well, I was able to carry the look with my “fxck it” outlook (thank you, Skins, for teaching me that way of life. ♥) until it had the most horrible run I’ve seen in my whole entire life. :( On the bright side, I now know how I can rock pantyhose (and even tights!). ;)

Oh, and lesson learned: stick the stockings/pantyhose in the fridge before using them to reduce the chances of ugly runs like the one I had—something my grandmum used to do with her stockings. I’ll make sure to this next time, maybe you should too. :D

High-waist jean shorts seem to be trending right now. Luckily, I had this pair of jeans that was given to me a few years back that I never used. I tried it on, and it still fit me and it was high enough, but the color just wasn’t the color I wanted because I wanted the acid, vintage-look.

Cutting the jeans = hardwork

How it looks when it's unfolded, and how it looked before bleaching it

After cutting the jeans, I soaked it in bleach (mixed with water ah!). I didn’t know for how long I would be soaking it, so I kept on going back after 10 minutes, but it was still dark blue. :| I told my mum to just ask manang Endeng, our labandera, to be the one to remove it from the bleach.

I loved how it looked like when I got home 2 Fridays ago. The vintage look was legit! I had to wear it ASAP! The only kind of top I could think of that would work with the high-waist shorts were button-down polos. Thank goodness my CT 11 class had a white day, and I could wear my white button-down with it :)

White button down from Bugis Junction, Singapore; my DIY shorts; belt from Forever 21; sandals from Ichigo

This was my second attempt on doing DIY (my first one was me cutting up the neckline of my PE 1 class’ shirt to make it an off-shoulder top), and in fairness ah, I love how it looks! :) Will do more of this DIY soon. I have so much tops I’d like to cut up, anyway! :D

For my 18th birthday, Keith gave me a Fisheye 2.

I had just developed the first and second batch of film recently since I wasn’t able to use it around as much as I expected to. It’s been a great friend to me, really. It takes great shots (or maybe I take the good shots BAHAHAHA CONCEITED) , though I have to be careful about the lighting, and also not to get trigger happy with the “multiple exposure” feature.

I actually don’t know why I’m writing…..I just really wanted to show some shots from the first two batch. HAHAHAHA

Disclaimer: I am not a professional Lomographer, if there is even such a thing, therefore these pictures aren’t “the best there is out there”. I’m just your typical Hipster-wannabe teenager equipped with a Fisheye in her hands. :)

I’m just waiting to fill the  film of the 3rd batch. Lomography has made me excited to shoot everywhere and anywhere. :)

Exactly one month and two days ago, Doc Gerry Ortega was shot inside a clothing store for being an advocate against the mining in Palawan.

Just in case you didn’t know, mining destroys the environment in so many ways. And to be honest, I just found out about that during my Nat Sci 2 and Aqua Sci 1 class this semester. Oo, nakakahiya, but at least I know now. It all starts the toxic waste that is produced from mining goes straight to rivers which destroys the aquatic ecosystem. We all know that Palawan is famous for their BEAUTIFUL coral reefs (as in beautiful talaga), and when the contaminated water hits the ocean, these reefs will be severely affected. Coral reefs act as a home and breeding ground for fish, so whenever corals are destroyed, fish cannot live in them leading to depletion of fish population. Next to farming, fishing is the next ‘popular’ livelihood in the provinces. Kung hindi farmlands ang tinitirahan, dagat naman. If fisher folks don’t have enough fish to catch, this greatly will affect them because they won’t have any other source of income. And if there’s not enough fish to catch, what will they eat? Don’t forget us, too, especially those who give great importance to fish like me. See how it’s all interrelated? Destroying one leads to the destruction of the other. It’s a cycle you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Not only does mining affect the ocean, but it also affects the land. They need to cut down trees in order to mine, and it’s common knowledge that trees play a big role in balancing CO2 in the air. For the ones who just got out of their rocks, CO2 is the culprit to climate change since it is trapped in the atmosphere. If you still want more explanation, read this. It’s really easy to understand, so it should help.

So how can you help? There’s a petition that needs 10,000,000 (yes, that’s a million) votes/signatures to be able to stop mining in Palawan, and all you need to do is click that “Sign the petition” button at the bottom left of the page and sign your name. It will not take you more than 5 minutes, I promise! Also, it would be a great help if you spread the word too. Tell your parents to sign (or sign for them hehehe), your friends, your house-helpers if you have, your uncles, aunts, acquaintances. Post it on Facebook, Tweet it, Tumblr reblog this—everything you can do to help.

Let’s all help make Doc Gerry’s dream come true. Palawan should always be beautiful.

We should all keep this quote I got from a movie that we watced for Aqua Sci (it was about the coral reefs) in our minds and hearts: “Whatever you do to harm the environment will harm you too.”

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